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Games I used to play at my friend Nathan's house.

GOGmix by wiskersthcatfish's avatarwiskersthcatfish 3votes


wiskersthcatfish's rating:

wiskersthcatfish says: I think I was most taken with this because of it's self-aware quality. It's a pretty typical fantasy environment, but it contains a level of satire and comedy that other Diablo-style games would never consider.

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obs...

wiskersthcatfish's rating:

wiskersthcatfish says: I played this for hours, and I never even owned it. I must have restarted a million times just to try out new characters and do better then my last try. To this day I still get completely immersed when I play.

Riven: The Sequel to Myst

wiskersthcatfish's rating:

wiskersthcatfish says: I've never been great at logic puzzles, so Myst was never my thing, but Nathan loved it, and I loved to watch him play. Compared to Myst, which had kind of a theme-park-ey feel at times, Riven was just very cool and believable.

Uru: Complete Chronicles

wiskersthcatfish's rating:

wiskersthcatfish says: Nathan bought Uru simply because he was such a huge Myst fan, though he never actually played online as far as I knew. I liked Uru because it was a cool idea, and seemingly a lot easier to digest then the majority of its sister series.

SimCity 2000™ Special Edition

wiskersthcatfish's rating:

wiskersthcatfish says: The first SimCity game I ever played, but far and long away from the last. Nathan and I spent hours using the Urban-Renewal Kit to cheat, and improve our cities. Other times we would use it to create nuclear wastelands.

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri™ Planeta...

wiskersthcatfish's rating: not rated yet

wiskersthcatfish says: I remember starting countless games of Alpha Centauri on Nathan's computer. I still insist on playing as the Morganites.

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