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Games for Workaholics (read: Sparse free time)

GOGmix by vladikus's avatarvladikus 1vote

Populous™: The Beginning

vladikus's rating:

vladikus says: RTS gog-game, hands-down, the best game I have ever played. Magic galore, sprites on a rotating 3D world, well-crafted levels, and the community-made Age of Chaos maps make this a sure buy.


vladikus's rating: not rated yet

vladikus says: Interesting storyline, fun mix of 3rd-person RTS in which you build up spells and creature casting by what you choose in the branching storyline. Very original. Play a level a day.

Populous™ 2: Trials of the Olympian...

vladikus's rating: not rated yet

vladikus says: An older god-game that won't make much sense unless you read the manual. Haven't gotten to play the entire game, but I find playing a level or two a day is enough time to get your gaming fix in and move on to other stuff.

Wing Commander™ 1+2

vladikus's rating: not rated yet

vladikus says: Sci-fi flight sim,classic, but you're going to need a joystick (I've been happy with Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X Joystick, your mileage may vary). One mission a day, though if you're not the best (like me), prepare for fun mingled with frustration.

King of Dragon Pass

vladikus's rating: not rated yet

vladikus says: Tribe manager/shaman/mythology. A lot of text with pictures, but quite a variety and definitely an original game. Think of an interactive adventure book with consequential decision making. Play 4 seasons at a time. Read the manual too.

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