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Games for a lazy Saturday on the sofa

GOGmix by kazmar's avatarkazmar 5votes

Simon the Sorcerer

kazmar's rating:

kazmar says: A very funny game which still looks good on a HD Tv, takes afternoon to run through if you can remember some of the puzzles. It also works great using a phone as a remote mouse as it's "point and click". N.B you might need to dig out a guide for it

Port Royale 2

kazmar's rating:

kazmar says: If you liked any of the "pirates" games you will love this, as you can have multiple fleets and full micro management trading. A great game to play for a couple of hours set up your fleets and then lie back and watch your money flood in.

Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive

kazmar's rating:

kazmar says: Funny gem from the now lost live action point and click genre, work through a film like tale with great acting (but very iffy 3D) . Apart from a couple of time dependant parts this game lets you watch a great story unfold in front of you

Beneath a Steel Sky

kazmar's rating:

kazmar says: Great story, great visuals allow for another great day of interactive story telling, and it is free! what do you want?!?

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