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Funny references in games about other games

GOGmix by Licurg's avatarLicurg 9votes


Licurg's rating:

Licurg says: In Sacrifice, the god James is based on the main character of the Earthworm Jim series.

Blood: One Unit Whole Blood

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Licurg says: In the level" Carnival of Souls" ,in a secret room, you find Duke Nukem hanging dead from the ceilling, and Caleb says " i ain't got time to play...with you".

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

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Licurg says: On the level "Death Row" Duke meets a dead space marine, the one from Doom, and says "That's one doomed space marine".


Licurg's rating:

Licurg says: In the beginning of the game, if you go to one of the houses close to your trailer and feed a specific dog, he will follow you and attack anybody who attacks you. Reference to Dogmeat from Fallout.

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

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Licurg says: When you kill Kwongo, Jebediah tells Sam that he thinks he is "The One", to which Sam replies "You also thought that blondie guy was the one". Jebediah responds "Yes, but he was taking forever",reference to Duke Nukem.

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