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GOGmix by Stroggos's avatarStroggos 6votes

Blood: One Unit Whole Blood

Stroggos's rating:

Stroggos says: Possibly my favourite game ever made. BLOOD is one of those games you leave thinking that you've played something different and new. It's got everything from dynamite to a voodoo doll it's pretty cool.


Blood 2: The Blood Group

Stroggos's rating:

Stroggos says: While not quite as cool as the original the sequel Blood 2: The Chosen offers more blood and gore then you can just about handle. In fact with two pistols you can blow enemies away into literally just pools of blood on the floor.


Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition

Stroggos's rating:

Stroggos says: This was the first official game by 3D Realms to use Ken Silverman's BUILD engine. While, in my opinion, no where near as good as the later BLOOD it is definitely worth the money you pay here at GOG. However it's a fun game with great one-liners.


Far Cry®

Stroggos's rating: not rated yet

Stroggos says: I grabbed this game as soon as I could a few years ago. In its day it was the creme of the crop now it's still a fantastically, albeit very hard game. I highly recommend this to the skilled FPS players out there.


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