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End of The World

GOGmix by Rawmetal's avatarRawmetal 4votes


Rawmetal's rating:

Rawmetal says: How the world will end? I think the most probable scenario is that in which we blow ourselves to oblivion. This game allows you to see the nuclear holocaust as seen by a chief of staff, who preses the big red buttons from safety of his bunker.

Earth 2150 Trilogy

Rawmetal's rating:

Rawmetal says: But we don't have to destroy everything right away. We can do it slowly, piece by piece. 22nd century. Earth is dying. Turned into a wasteland, drifting towards the Sun. Time and resources are running short. We have escape fro the Blue Planet.

Earth 2160

Rawmetal's rating:

Rawmetal says: And what if we destroy the entire planet? What if we become homeless in space? Earth series always was one of the best RTS. Shame it never was so popular as C&C, because it certainly deserved it, if not more.

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri™ Planeta...

Rawmetal's rating:

Rawmetal says: Once we escape our doomed planet, we will need to find a new home and then conquer it. Will humanity be able to cooperate? Or a new war will rage?

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