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Dynamite and a laser beam

GOGmix by Skunk's avatarSkunk 5votes

Blood: One Unit Whole Blood

Skunk's rating:

Skunk says: You are Caleb. You've got a pitchfork and style to boot. That's great for zombies, but what about cultists? Well, you'll find a flare gun soon. But, the first weapon you find in the game? Dynamite. You can already tell it's gonna be a bloodbath...

Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition

Skunk's rating:

Skunk says: You know him, you love him, and you've been waiting Forever for the next game. Where Caleb has dynamite, you've got pipe bombs. Laser trip mines provide both lasers and a bang. Stick it on a wall, taunt some pigs, stand back and grab an umbrella.

Total Annihilation: Commander Pack

Skunk's rating:

Skunk says: One of the finest RTS experiences to be had, Total Annihilation has no shortage of explosions, and no shortage of lasers. You can launch nukes anywhere on the map, and shoot lasers across continents. Want ONLY explosions and lasers? Go right ahead.

Incredible Machine Mega Pack, The

Skunk's rating:

Skunk says: Here's a game that quite literally has dynamite and a laser beam, and ironically the least carnage on this list. Puzzle gamers will NOT be disappointed. Every game on this list is five stars, and I don't just hand out stars. They're REALLY that good.

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