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Dust off your joystick. Strap in and get ready to FLY!

GOGmix by WolfyAU82's avatarWolfyAU82 3votes

Wing Commander™ 1+2

WolfyAU82's rating:

WolfyAU82 says: Wing Commander is game that combines the thrill of a flight sim with the love of great story telling!

Wing Commander ®: Privateer ™

WolfyAU82's rating:

WolfyAU82 says: Set in the WC Universe, Privateer has you tell your own story and blasting through space in the shoes of a privateer making a living in the Gemini Sector.

Wing Commander™ 3 Heart of the Tige...

WolfyAU82's rating:

WolfyAU82 says: The classic goes big budget as you are treated to some of the greatest interactive cinemagraphical storytelling with top-notch flight sim action!

Wing Commander™ 4: The Price of Fre...

WolfyAU82's rating: not rated yet

WolfyAU82 says: The final chapter of the series continues to deliver the action and offers a story with a twist of an endgame!

Descent 1+2

WolfyAU82's rating:

WolfyAU82 says: I've played Doom. But Paralax takes the cake with is addictive shooter. Not only can you strafe circles around your foes, you also can thrust vertically and a whole lot more! Descent is a 360 Shooter that has you blasting your way through zero G!

Terminal Velocity

WolfyAU82's rating: not rated yet

WolfyAU82 says: For lovers of Descent's fast paced action, Terminal Velocity offers open environments as well as subterranean tunnels and chambers to blast your way through!

Descent: Freespace Battle Pack

WolfyAU82's rating:

WolfyAU82 says: For those looking for Wing Commander's sense of storytelling with the Terminal Velocity's fast paced action. Volition Inc., the better half of Paralax serves up an action sci-fi epic!

Freespace 2

WolfyAU82's rating:

WolfyAU82 says: Volition's epic continues as you face a whole new conflict whilst enjoying the familiar action!

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