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Descent and FreeSpace... let's take a dive! ;)

GOGmix by jr2's avatarjr2 3votes

Descent 1+2

jr2's rating:

jr2 says: Started out with Descent a long time ago. It made my hair stand up! Awesome game, Descent II just adds more toys and fun. ;) Check out for graphical updates (for DII, although you can add the D1 missions to D2X-XL as well).

Descent 3 + Mercenary

jr2's rating:

jr2 says: Gotta love this game. I tried to run the demo on an old 100-MHz AMD DX4 (remember that era?) No 3D card so obviously it didn't work. I came back for it later, and I think it's pretty awesome stuff. :)

Descent: Freespace Battle Pack

jr2's rating:

jr2 says: If you let yourself get immersed in this one, it's quite a gripping storyline. I'd say get FS2 + FS Open mod + FSPort mod, you get updated graphics that way. ;) Look for the FreeSpace Open Installer

Freespace 2

jr2's rating:

jr2 says: Same as FS1 - gripping storyline, this time cap ships are quite amazing with their beam weaponry and flak. Get the FS Open mod from (for better graphics + lots of mods!) Look for the FreeSpace Open Installer

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