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Build Big Four

GOGmix by HenitoKisou's avatarHenitoKisou 16votes

Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition

HenitoKisou's rating:

HenitoKisou says: In era of emerging true 3D engines like Quake, DN3D has more interesting weapons, monsters and style than these polygonal models based. As in case of 2.5D games it didn't aged too much and still shines which is problem in case of real 3D series.

Shadow Warrior Classic Complete

HenitoKisou's rating:

HenitoKisou says: Technical and spiritual successor to DN3D has better weapons (even nuclear missile!), voxels, vehicles, bloodthirsty enemies and much harder gameplay. Instead of episodes you have continuous campaign (except 4 levels from shareware). Be like shadow.

Blood: One Unit Whole Blood

HenitoKisou's rating:

HenitoKisou says: Most cruel and dark atmospheric from all big four. It has detailed voxels not only for guns but many in-game objects, creative 2-mode weapons, unforgiving enemies, sick and gore gameplay, unique levels and art to waste with corpses and blood.

Redneck Rampage Collection

HenitoKisou's rating:

HenitoKisou says: This one is considered as hardest because of no armor, nice food/drinking healing system and accurate/tough/very damaging enemies. Also it has highest resolution textures. Crazy weapons, vehicles (motorcycle and swamp boat), levels and soundtrack.

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