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Best turn-based games

GOGmix by shminkee's avatarshminkee 2votes

Master of Magic

shminkee's rating:

shminkee says: Be a crazy wizard in a tower (like Saruman in LOTR) and conquer interdimensional wizard kingdoms so you can be the titular Master of Magic. It's like Civ + D&D: 4X strategy, with isometric battles and mad spells.

Master of Orion 1+2

shminkee's rating:

shminkee says: Like Civ but in space, where you colonize planets. The second one is like MOM: you can get "Leaders" like you would get "Heroes" in MOM or HOMM, but instead of magic spellbooks you engage in a tech race and design badass spaceships.

Lords of the Realm: Royal Edition

shminkee's rating:

shminkee says: Pretty fun medieval warfare game. Battles are top-down, real-time, but you can always just make big ass armies and let the computer fight for you. Not as much management as Civ or MoM, more about big armies and big castles.

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