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Awesomely Underrated Games

GOGmix by SpooferJahk's avatarSpooferJahk 6votes

Blood: One Unit Whole Blood

SpooferJahk's rating:

SpooferJahk says: This is another game that was a clone of Duke Nukem 3D that unfortunately got overshadowed by other games at the time. This game plays like Duke but has some more things in it that make it superior and a lot more fun than Duke.

Tyrian 2000

SpooferJahk's rating:

SpooferJahk says: A FREE GAME THAT ROCKS! Of course, this game did get some praise but I hardly hear about it when people discuss shmup games. It is a Raiden like game that allows you to customize your ship in the main story mode and has a plot oddly enough.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

SpooferJahk's rating:

SpooferJahk says: This Duke game does not get the respect it deserves, and that is a shame since this game is close to being as fun as Duke Nukem 3D in my opinion. It takes the formula of the first two Duke games but has the style of 3D to create a solid Duke title.

Kingpin: Life of Crime

SpooferJahk's rating:

SpooferJahk says: This game did get attention back in the day, but it didn't get the respect it deserved. While it did not completely deliver on its promises when it came out, it is a good Quake II engine game that provides a good over-the-top ghetto blasting shooter.


SpooferJahk's rating:

SpooferJahk says: The first MDK was a classic and the sequel, well it wasn't as good as the original but it was still a solid MDK game. It did bring in some new things that the original never had plus the humor and zaniness of the original is in there as well.

POSTAL: Classic and Uncut

SpooferJahk's rating:

SpooferJahk says: A lot of people love the second game yet hate this one with a passion. The first game is a surprisingly decent game. Sure it was not a fantastic game, but it provided a good, challenging isometric shooter that you can go Postal in.

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