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An Education in Gaming

GOGmix by king_hobo's avatarking_hobo 8votes

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obs...

king_hobo's rating:

king_hobo says: Amazing Steam punk world with a truely unquie Magic-Tech system Balance. The the downside was never finished on release, you will want to look up the user made patches and bugs. Still totally worth it!

Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga

king_hobo's rating:

king_hobo says: I dont have enough time to go in to why Baldurs Gates amazing, truely a beauifully made game. i see it as a staple of RPG fans, but might be a big much for the casual gamer, but hey, this list is for education so go for it!

Capitalism 2

king_hobo's rating:

king_hobo says: By far the most indepth business Sim ive ever played. Mine, Farm, Manufacture, Act as a middle man, or just do retail. or for the Lawful Evil of you out there, slowly buy out your competitors flawless game, but really only for mutiplayer


king_hobo's rating:

king_hobo says: an important game to understand the 15 year old boy in youself. Its simple a crude, and an important part of this list!

Stronghold HD

king_hobo's rating:

king_hobo says: One of the best city managment games ive ever played, match this with a great campain and a LOT of castle building. con: poor mutiplayer, could have been amazing but never quite made it.

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