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(Almost) Forgotten by Younger Gamers

GOGmix by rahady's avatarrahady 16votes

Descent 1+2

rahady's rating:

rahady says: Original Descent and Descent 2 were games that defined "Zero Gravity" First Person Shooter and true 3D spaces. Thing(s) I will not forget: Didn't know which way is down and which way is up!

Descent 3 + Mercenary

rahady's rating:

rahady says: If Descent 1 and 2 defined the "Zero Gravity" FPS, this sequel made them Solid (in term of 3D visuals). Thing(s) I will not forget: This is the first game that blown me away by utilizing (now dead) 3dfx Voodoo "pass-through" graphic card.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

rahady's rating:

rahady says: Voice acting synced with character's lips. Good story, memorable characters, and wonderful soundtrack. Thing(s) I will not forget: Grace and Malia Gedde!

Interstate '76 Arsenal, The

rahady's rating:

rahady says: Muscle cars, Afro style haircuts, and.. Gatling Guns attached to the car! Thing(s) I will not forget: Those 3 things :p

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

rahady's rating:

rahady says: If Mech Warrior was hard to operate because it was too technical, this game changed the way we ride robots. By controlling it like Quake. (ASDW style) Thing(s) I will not forget: Hiding behind the building and shoot rockets to enemies!

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