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1990's-2005's Cult Hits!

GOGmix by Graham18's avatarGraham18 3votes

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Deluxe

Graham18's rating: not rated yet

Graham18 says: It's an instant classic that anyone can master or play casually. This in my opinion is one of the all time hits of all time as far as PC gaming is concerned!

Urban Chaos

Graham18's rating: not rated yet

Graham18 says: As far as PS1 goes there was no closer game to the likes of GTA's PS2 days than this game. Besides the odd camera controls this is one of the all time best PSONE sandbox games with ultimate freedom. Also packs quite a dark an mischievous plot!

Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse

Graham18's rating: not rated yet

Graham18 says: Overall, a great and humorous plot full of laughs and weird stuff, along with more humor, and a very interesting prime ape. This is the ultimate example of a point and click games classic.

Tomb Raider 1+2+3

Graham18's rating: not rated yet

Graham18 says: Tomb raider 1: This game is platforming mixed with adventure, shooting bad guys and animals, swimming, climbing, and aspiring locations. TR2 adds to this experience with more combat, and more puzzles. TR3 blends these game styles together.

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