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  • genre rpg / strategy / fantasy
  • download size 469 MB
    ~19 min
  • avg. user rating from 110 user ratings.
  • release date March 12, 2002
  • compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • languages English
  • developer / publisher Strategic Studies Group / Ubisoft
  • game modes single-player, multi-player
  • Bonus content included for FREE with purchase:
  • 3 avatars
  • manual
  • map
  • reference guide
  • soundtrack
  • 2 wallpapers

What's cool about it:

  • Persistent hero development with 12 different hero races and 20 hero classes.
  • Over 100 spells spread over 11 spheres of magic.
  • Features a random map generator and editor for unlimited replay value!


Enter an epic battle for possession of all sixty-seven regions of Etheria. From your home citadel, you expand to conquer neighboring regions, occupy enemy citadels, and take control of their forces. You will ultimately engage in duels to the death with other heroes, and even quell uprisings by your vanquished foes. As your treasury grows, merchants offer special items for sale, mercenaries offer to join you in battle, and followers flock to your banner.

Experience a unique combination of role-playing heroes and real-time strategy game play. Build Hero warriors in the fantasy world of Etheria and develop them into unique classes such as Death Knight, Assassin, or Ice Mage. Your hero and his retinue are carried forward from battle to battle, growing stronger and more powerful. Answer the call of Warlords Battlecry™ II!

Age requirements: ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Violence., PEGI Rating: 12+

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP or Windows Vista, 1.8 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), [2 GB available hard drive space, Windows-compatible mouse and keyboard. Compatibility notice: Windows XP 64-bit is not supported.

All user reviews:

User reviews:

Well Balanced RTS

Posted on 2012-11-13 07:16:59 byKnight_79's avatarKnight_79:

Warlords Battlecry II is a RTS experience that is worth the time for several reasons. The graphics are excellent for the time and still hold up well, but what makes this games standout is its depth. Instead of the arbitrary three races (Orcs, Humans, and Elves) found in most Fantasy RTS games, we find twelve in Battlecry II. Each race has its unique attributes and the game feelsread more well balanced. The 12 races don’t feel slapped together just so the developers can say “Hey look we made 12 races.”
If you’re a huge fan of the first game, I must warn you of one thing lacking from II, is the story. Battlecry II replaces the story with a campaign mode. The campaign is fun and interesting, but if you need a story to drive you through your gaming experience, I recommend playing the original. Everything else is an improvement upon the original.
What makes Battlecry II standout from the rest is the unique combination of detail, unit options, and balance. In many games we see a compromise of one or several of these aspects to appeal to a wider audience. Battlecry II managed to create a massive Fantasy RTS experience while being accessible to multiple styles of play.

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Familiar RTS and RPG elements bring an exciting combination

Posted on 2012-11-13 07:30:08 byTallima's avatarTallima:

WB2 was the first Warlords game I ever played. And I was shocked by the then-amazing introductory cinematics. Even today , they still are quite good at ushering the emotions of urgency and danger in the viewer. But the cinematics are hardly the high-point of the game.
The game is built into a bunch of stages. You choose your stages by selecting them on a map. This provides a non-linearread more experience for you and your character. And it really does matter because your character will gain a level for each stage he completes, so you will be able to come at different quests/tasks/battles with different tools under your belt.
You won't notice anything new compared to games of today or even games of its day. But that works for you. You'll be familiar with the controls, with the units and with the buildings. And it's sort of critical in the game's design because the most complicated aspect of the game is managing your hero (and other sub-heroes). They can turn the tide of battle and economy with their strong weapons and armor, powerful spells and troop-boosting capabilities. So while you work with the familiar RTS elements, you'll have a chance to toy around with familiar RPG elements stuck into an RTS world.
If you have played Spellforce, then you haven't really played this game. Both are touted as RTS/RPG games, but they take very different approaches. WB2 levels tend to finish faster, you have more leniency in where and what to build and fewer story elements present themselves during the levels.
Graphics, music and sound all add to the game. Nothing is super-amazing, but everything is polished. The AI is decent, but they tend to go a more defensive route than most other RTSes (that fits with the story in many cases). Even so, they'll constantly harrass you until you're either defeated or you defend your properties properly.
All in all, it's a great game with a ton of great fun and story stuffed into it. If you're looking to get into the RPG/RTS genre, go for it without hesitation. If you played and liked WB1 or 3, then this is also a no-brainer. Considering the way that the game combined RPG and RTS elements, you really won't find a better game (inlcuding WB1 and 3).

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Nice sprite based RTS

Posted on 2012-11-14 13:45:18 bybilly13.306's avatarbilly13.306:

Have a real weakness for sprite based RTS games of this period - all the "3d" ones of the time were pretty awful, but these are great because you can still see the art in the sprites rather than low-poly model.
$5.99 is the right price too (perhaps we've seen the last of silly $9.99 games)?
Well done GoG

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