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What's cool about it:

  • Includes the original Knights & Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom and the expansion The Peasants Rebellion
  • Complex “daily life” economy and resource management
  • No population cap - the size of your army depends only on your capacity to feed your soldiers


After many battles, a former kingdom has been divided into many small principalities and earldoms. The king's troops were pushed back into one last royal province, and the rulers of the other provinces waged terrible, destructive wars against one another. The whole land fell into a state of chaos and now the former royal capital itself is under siege by the armies of the rebel lords. You belong to the last remaining group of loyalists, and have been commanded to go to the king in light of the imminent attack.

A conspiracy against the king catapults the captain into a situation where he finds himself responsible for the defence of the last royal province. This is all that remains of the shattered kingdom, which has been torn apart by rivaling lords. And now even the king himself, ensconced in his capital, is threatened by enemy armies. This is the starting point of your Middle Ages adventure. Now you must win back all those provinces which once belonged to your king.

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Minimum system requirements: Windows XP or Windows Vista, 1 GHz Processor (1.4 GHz recommended), 256MB RAM (512 recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), Mouse, Keyboard.

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User reviews:

Love/Hate Relationship

Posted on 2009-07-21 11:49:51 byDeva.842's avatarDeva.842:

I'm glad I gave this a couple weeks time before I reviewed it. That said, I don't get too many hours in the day to take a break and play a game, and some aspects of this game might be better suited for those who do have a lot of free time on their hands, to give them a chance to repeat missions over and over again until they're able to get things right.
That said, I really loveread more the town building aspects of this game. It's not overly complex or difficult, and the leisurely pace lets you relax and take your time planning your town. But what I don't care so much for is the inability to choose a difficulty level (it's preset to a high level), and how combat can be cumbersome to deal with. For example, turning your archers in the exact direction needed to "see" and fire upon the enemies can be a bit frustrating. Wouldn't archers in real life automatically be able to see enemies coming from a new direction? Especially when said enemies are just 20-30 feet away from them?
The lack of difficulty settings makes it frustrating for someone like myself, with not too much time on his hands. It would be nice to have Easy and Intermediate levels, for those times when I just want to build my town and keep the combat elements of the game just challenging enough to make it enjoyable. Some may like the high level of difficulty, and that's fine, it's just that I wish you could modify it if you wished.
Even with the issues, the game is worth the low price, though. Nice graphics, animation, and thoughtful town design elements all lend to a fun experience. But as mentioned, the lack of difficulty settings and sometimes awkward combat control, (against hordes of computer-controlled enemies who obviously don't seem to have the same control issues that you do), can make it a bit frustrating. I'd rate it a 3.5 if GOG allowed, but since I can't, I'll have to round down to 3 stars.

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Nice Settlers - style medieval kingdom sim

Posted on 2009-07-07 06:59:37 bysunny02's avatarsunny02:

Knights & Merchants is pretty 2D isometric RTS with action taken place in pseudo medieval central Europe. Story isn't originall; it tells about conflict of king Charle's with his son. You are king's best general and must save kingdom from rebellion.
Gameplay is similar to others old medieval kingdom sims; Settlers, Cultures 2 etc. Games has a tutorial but you can only buildread more village in it so first few missions in campaign are quite easy and let you get used to using troops and tactics. Bulding and training is easy also. Of course later missions will be much harder and often take few hours to win.
Graphic is old fashion 2D isometric (Which I like most), very detailed and good made-up. When you build any building you will see wodden frame first to appear, next it's completed by brick walls. Units speed mapping is quite realistic, horsemen is faster than troop but when you all moving them at once they mach speed to others.
Unit sounds after longer period of time start to be little boring but for opposite music is great, with many songs tuned for particular events.
I realize that opinion about game depends of you personal taste but for me game is worth buying. You can finish it few times and still wanted more. As I did...
I don't remeber any bad game released by TopWare, all of them were good.

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Hard time killer!

Posted on 2009-09-08 08:37:05 byHyperKraenk's avatarHyperKraenk:

This game is really a time killer if you are accepting its high difficulty. It is like "the Settlers", but more focused on battling. Lets call it the "Battle Settlers" ;)
Sound and Graphics:
I won't tell about graphics they are charming but outdated. Highest resolution is 1024x768 or 800x600. No more Options. Even nowadays I like the buildingread more animations of this game, strange thing. Everywhere something happens around or in the buildings, so you want get bored buy observing the game ;) The ingame music is catchy in my opinion.
The Story:
The Story... well... summary: you are the only hope to... destroy all... bla bla ;) well in this kind of game I think most people don't care about great story telling, its more about build your buildings and recruit troops, so its ok. You may notice that this game is called Knights (ok there is Medievaltroops fighting including Knights ;)) and Merchants. But why? You can't trade in this game, so I wonder why they called it Knights and Merchants.
Something about economy:
In almost every mission you are totally outnumbered in the beginning. So you start building your economy and try to gain as fast as possible troops. Sounds simple? Yes and no. The production chains are mostly self-explanatory, but it takes time to build effectivly up. For example: you want bread. So build one or two farms, place some acre around it, build a mill and finally a bakery. But it takes time for the corn to rise. So the first minutes, nothing happens. The farmer is going on the acre and "planting". Meanwhile the mill and bakery are just idling. T
he economy is focused on gaining food for your servants (all people under your command including your soldiers need food or they starve!) and building weapons, armor etc for recuiting troops.
Every building needs wood and stone. All your buildings must be connect with a street to your main storehouse. You can't build buildings without. Because the Servants won't carry any wood or stone to the building if there is no road to the storehouse.
Your servants etc. are builded in a school house. Every servant costs one box of gold.
Controlling servants, worker, baker, farmer, etc:
You can't controll them at all. They work automatically when they have work. For example: your place a building and a street directing to it. Your workers will now notice that there is work and will do the job. Your servants will notice that the worker need stone/wood and will bring it from the storehouse or directly from the quarry or sawmill. Another example: when a building has goods that need to go to somewhere else or it needs goods to produce something, a servant will come and bring/get the things. This works most the time surprisingly pretty good. But sometimes you will get mad. If there is anywhere a street, acre or vine to build your worker will do that first until all is done and not till then will they build a building. You can't even influence which building should be built at first, sometimes that is really frustrating. And if you have damaged buildings that need to be repaired: do not build anything, because that is the last thing they will do on their task list.
The Servants do their job quite better, they bring and carry things when they needed or are ready to get carried to the storehouse or barracks. But they are a bit clumsy, if there is much traffic around a building they are walking like it was a slalom.
The rest justs walks automatic to its building after recruiting them in the school, no more controll options. So the baker will walk directly to the bakery or mill, when nobody is already in there.
Recruiting and controlling your soldiers:
When you have enough weapons and armor in your barracks, you build a recruit in the school that walks to the barracks and then, dependent on what weapons and armor you have there, you can build a axe fighter for example. Diffrent from recruiting in the school is that recruiting in the barracks has no building time. Just click axe fighter and it will come out.
Your troops can be arranged in diffrent fighting formations like all troops in one line or two lines etc. you can join two small fighting troops to a bigger one. What troops you use is important! A lance fighter is not really effective against axe or sword fighters, but highly effectiv against Scouts and Knights. Just a tip: the ranged units in this game are really strong. Just place them behind your close combat troops and everything will be fine ;) but don't let them attack in close combat, because they can't do anything, really nothing, in close combat.
The controll overall is ok and working, but not great. Sometimes it really makes you want to smash your mouse against the screen when your bowmen walk straight into axe fighters instead of shooting them from the distance.
Overall it is really an entertaining game. Easy to learn, hard to master. If you are used to frustrating moments and you like games like the settlers then give this game a chance!
PS: sorry4my english ;)

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