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What's cool about it:

  • Realistic flight model made with almost fanatical attention to detail that will please even the most demanding sim fans.
  • Play through three high-octane campaigns, including one actually based on the Soviet campaign in Afghanistan in 1980.
  • Detailed battlefields with surprising attention to detail, all the way down to animating individual ground troops.


Experience a rush of adrenaline by climbing into the cockpit of the Mi-24 Hind, the most highly armored, heavily armed, and fiercest helicopter gunship of the Eastern Bloc. Experience sets of missions including troop deployment, troop drops, and pickups based on actual Russian army activity. You can even see 3D animated models of Mujaheddin guerrillas as they lift SA-7s to their shoulders, ready to fire. Get a taste of what it's like to fly against the best Uncle Sam has to offer. With Hind’s varying levels of difficulty, from free-for-all arcade mode to a highly detailed mission planner, it’s the perfect helicopter simulation game for the accomplished gamer and a novice pilot alike. So, Komrade, is time to strap self into cockpit and find out why is nickname for such helicopter called "Flying Tank,” да?

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7, 1.8 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), 2GB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard.

All user reviews:

User reviews:

Utterly compelling

Posted on 2012-03-16 09:08:19 bySynchronomous's avatarSynchronomous:

HiND... where to begin. You are so ugly, yet so beautiful. So majestic, yet so monstrous. So fluid and simultaneously chaotic.
Whoever states that the flight dynamics of this immensely well developed simulator are 'satisfactory' is going to have some fuel air bombs dropped on them by a swarm of HIND's. The accuracy of the physics and aircraft logistic comes from the same camp asread more SU-27 Flanker - in other worlds, these guys don't mess around when it comes to realism. With your flying assists engaged, the game plays averagely: your hulkish craft lurches into the air, making long, dull arcs as it heads sluggishly towards 'waypoint 1'.
Discard these aids, for Soviet Russia cares not for assists.
In full simulation mode, you are looking at a whole different beast. As soon as you attempt takeoff, cylindrical drift (the effect of the rotor rotation have a cumulative affect on the rotation of the whole chassis) immediately throws you off course, your battleship groaning into chaotic spins. You try to counter with the tail rotor but it is too late: you've hurtled, spinning wildly, 200 feet into the air and there are RPG's all around hugging you like your least favourite nephew.
Take 2: You slowly engage the collective, compensating tentatively with your rotor pedals (I pray you have pedals) and roar away, thudding the terrified terrain with the reverberations of your rotorblades. Now this is HIND.
I could go on. But this taste of what it's like to pilot the most gargantuan monstrosity that ever filled the skies (comparable only with the A-10) should be enough to warrant a serious, heartfelt investment of time in this game that it's impossible not to love. Carrying 1000lb bombs on an anti infantry mission, tearing tanks in two with your vulcan cannon or erasing a small town with rocket pods more at home on the Death Star - this is a game that warrants blissful wanton furious destruction, provided the effort is made to truly appreciate it.
Fly, Comrades!

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Posted on 2012-03-15 10:25:18 bytrusteft's avatartrusteft:

It's been a long time since I was able to play this so the details are a bit off. It's a flight simulator, similar to Apache Longbow, only this time you fight with USSR equipment. The whole flight mechanic feels different, more fluid perhaps and while lower tech than the Apache games (I would say it is as complicated, controls wise, as Gunship 2000 was), it never feels like itread more is lacking. Your missions are usually of the close air support variety, though you get missions where you have to carry infantry to and/or from battle. Ah yes, you see the Hind, in case you didn't know, is capable of carrying a platoon of troops. Basically it was (still is) the BMP-1 of the helo world. :) Reliable, good enough armor, ton of weapons and such an ugly face, you got to love it.
In the game you get to change position between the pilot and the gunner. Nothing too complicated, but a Cobra this aint. If you like other flight sims made in the 90's, you will have no problem with the audio/visual department either. The terrain remains good enough to be acceptable even today, and the rest of the graphics are passable, they retain a certain visual quality that some classic games do. A joystick is highly advised and if you have no experience with helicopter flight sims, you will need to read the manual to understand a few basic things regarding how helicopters actually fly. After a few tries, flying the missions will not be a problem, though winning them will since you will have to use your brain to beat them. Always remember, flying low makes you more difficult to detect, but you will become a target for regular infantry and small arms fire. Great game.

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Worthwhile, Challening and Unique

Posted on 2012-03-15 12:08:01 byVeloxi's avatarVeloxi:

Hind is, I think, the pinnacle of Digital Integration's awesome series of flight simulations. The only sim of its kind -- that I know of -- to allow to you to fly these iconic beasts, this game was one of the first games of its type to also feature interactive infantry that you could fly into and out of the conflict. The campaigns were engaging and dynamic, the flight model feltread more great and could be adjusted to a wide array of players, and the world you flew in felt pretty alive. I played this more than any other helicopter sim except maybe for Jane's Longbow 2. Overall, if you have any kind of fondness for helicopter combat and want to try something different, pick this bad boy up.

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