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xcorbett98: Hi,
How do I play UT 2004 on my mac. I'm running Yosemite and I know how to use wineskin so can I just download the game on GOG and create a wrapper or is there a pre-made wrapper?
You know, you could just read through this entire thread. The answer has already been posted in here. Put forth a little effort on your own before asking questions. Many of us were able to figure it out using this thread. Surely you can too.
There’s a UT2004 Mac Wineskin made by PaulTheTall. I use it with my iMac (late 2009 model, running Yosemite). It works great. Here’s the link:

1. Download the Mac OS X UT2004 Winewrap.
2. Download UT2004 from GOG.
3. Drop the UT 2004 Winewrap in your “Applications”.
4. Launch the UT 2004 Winewrap.
5. Select: UT2004 setup.exe file to install into the UT 2004 Winewrap and install it.
6. When selecting the launcher for the Wineskin, select: GOG Games/Unreal Tournament 2004/System/UT 2004.exe
7. Follow the prompts.

From then on, all you need to do is open “Applications” and select the UT 2004 app to play UT2004.
Does the native still work on El Capitan, or is it Wineskin forever?

EDIT: Tested it myself, no dice. I guess the Wineskin wrapper is our modern port now.

EDIT 2: Actually, yes it does work! Try using this if you're having problems with the tutorial:
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