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xcorbett98: Hi,
How do I play UT 2004 on my mac. I'm running Yosemite and I know how to use wineskin so can I just download the game on GOG and create a wrapper or is there a pre-made wrapper?
You know, you could just read through this entire thread. The answer has already been posted in here. Put forth a little effort on your own before asking questions. Many of us were able to figure it out using this thread. Surely you can too.
There’s a UT2004 Mac Wineskin made by PaulTheTall. I use it with my iMac (late 2009 model, running Yosemite). It works great. Here’s the link:

1. Download the Mac OS X UT2004 Winewrap.
2. Download UT2004 from GOG.
3. Drop the UT 2004 Winewrap in your “Applications”.
4. Launch the UT 2004 Winewrap.
5. Select: UT2004 setup.exe file to install into the UT 2004 Winewrap and install it.
6. When selecting the launcher for the Wineskin, select: GOG Games/Unreal Tournament 2004/System/UT 2004.exe
7. Follow the prompts.

From then on, all you need to do is open “Applications” and select the UT 2004 app to play UT2004.