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I've only played the first two chapters of both of the TLJ series but I love what I'm seeing so far. Funcom seems to get it right pretty consistently.
I'm experiencing a different problem with the GOG release altogether than what I've read about in the other posts which is why I'm post a new topic.
In a nut shell the problem is that after running the game for a few seconds to minutes the fan in my system seems to go full blast and of course before long the case starts to feel warm so i quit playing. I am well aware that my crappy integrated graphics card is weak but TLJ is a good, what, 13 years old so I don't understand why it's trying so hard. I've fiddled with all the tweaks recommended by other posts [tried changing the startfullscreen, force 16bit, force single buffer, force run in 256 colors or 640x480, admin tried lowering all the settings found in the games settings menu] None of that stuff seemed to help.
I almost forgot for whatever reason I also tried changing the use hardware to 0 and running it with game booster 3, and running it with windows explorer closed, no help either way.. {As a side note changing the value of startfullscreen from 1 to 0 didnt do anything so its possible that all the alterations made to preferences.ini had no effect, I couldn't know}
The biggest and most noticable difference occurs when I Change compatability settings. The problem is worst when not running compatibility mode. Running in 2000/xp seems to keep the fan slightly quieter but the still seems to get unreasonably hot. Running in Win98 compatibility, the Game will run at a very choppy speed low framerate. The audio seems to still work but the fan does not speed up at all; I play a lot of other more graphically, and process demanding games than TLJ and rarely have the fan stay consistently sped up. I'm aware that I can manually set the fan to run slower but worried about overheating.
In other words: "Does TLJ make anyone elses system run the game fine with the only exception of exceedingly loud fan/large processes? Any suggestions as to how I can have it run either faster in the 98 compat. mode or less noisy in xp/2000/etc compat.?"

I am running a Windows 7 home OS 64 bit with a terrible Nvidia Geforce 6150 SE Nforce 430
Amd Athlon II 3.1ghz
I'll try it out on another system with a better graphics card today, but like I previously stated, this old of a game i hope its just a config/preferences issue
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