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I'm having problems opening the Longest Jourmey after saving and exiting because I get a message saying that "RootPath Registry information missing!", after which it says that it couldn't find one or more files needed to run the game, but of course it gave me no indication as to which file could be missing.

It suggested that this could be because of an improper installation and that I should reinstall, but I deleted both the installer and the game itself and redownloaded them both and still I'm getting the same message.

Help,please? I REALLY want to play this game.
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I'm not an expert on such matters, but is sounds like there is a registry entry that is still present after you uninstalled the game. The best I can say is to clear out any files left behind in the "C:/GOG Games/The Longest Journey" folder from the install and try again. If there is still an issue, I would consult the GOG support staff. I doubt the TLJRegFix program in the game's folder would still work as it might break some GOG specific customization.

If none of that helps, you might have to "clean" the registry. This is a last resort as deleting or changing the wrong setting in the registry could break other programs or Windows itself. Luckily, automated utilities exist to remove only unused entries.
I have the same issue when trying to play it with an user without administration privileges.

I'd like it to be fixed.
It seems there's a bug in the installer, luckily it's easy to fix:

You go to wherever you've installed The Longest Journey, there TLJRegFix executable there. Run it, when asked if you want the game to be found answer no, on the next screen you select to change installation data manually, then you select the path where you've got the game, and that's it - game runs fine now as regular user.
That worked. But the initial screen shows the same user name for every user, and I could not find an option to add a new user.