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Does anyone know what version/patchlevel of TLJ is supposed to be used for GOG version? I have just downloaded and installed GOG version (marked as version 2.0.0 in my account) and I see “Build 142” on the title screen of the game. Also, contrary to what I've read on the forum, this version stores save files under game folder, not under C:\Users or C:\Documents and Settings. My system is Windows 8.1 x64, and I see the same under virtual machine with Windows XP SP3 x86.

Is this expected? How do I update/should I update to latest patch 161?
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Build 142, if the patches page on the TLJ wiki are anything to go by, indicate this is a fully patched 4 CD version. The further patches (to build 161) are for other builds (2CD/DVD) of the game. Not sure if updating it would work, mainly due to other changes GOG may have made. GOG staff would have a better answer for that.

The saves being in the game's folder is expected (from what I've seen). It works that way on my computer with a fresh install of GOG version 2.0.0 on Windows 7 as well. Since it is outside of the Windows or Program Files directories it shouldn't hurt anything anyway.
Can't say much about this. I own three versions of this game - the original German 4CD version, which has the police station crash, a German DVD re-release which produced interesting clipping bugs the original release did not AND occasionally does the police station crash, and the English gog release - which didn't yield any notable bugs when I played through it.

However, I've just read on this forum that people STILL experience the police bug, which is really odd. :(
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