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I was playing through this game and several times it just crashed after video sequences. I discovered that only longer sequences cause crashes and that it doesn't matter if the game plays them for you, or you click them in the menu. I tried a lot of fixes, that were suggested on various forums, but nothing worked:

-disabling power management/enabling high performance
-checking/unchecking HQvideos in the game menu
-disabling accelerations and setting options to lowest in the launcher
-compatibility options in the launcher
-setting affinities in the task manager
-windows compatibility options

I even tried to replace binkw32.dll which was the obvious cause for the crashes, but the game didn't start at all after that.

However, I discovered that the game won't crash if the CPU usage is at least 5 % during video playback. I loaded a 10 hour Youtube video, muted it and started the game. The game FMV I tested was (warning:possible spoiler) Roper's Demise and Liftoff. Amazingly, the video plays and ends just fine if the CPU usage is over 5 %. If I exit Firefox, it crashes. Also it crashes if it's under 5 %: I tested VLC mp3 playback with 3 % CPU usage and it crashed as usual.

I hope this helps someone. I discovered this trick too late and the crashing really ruined the game for me :(.
Post edited January 20, 2014 by R33D3M33R
I tried just bumping the CPU usage to 14-20%, but it crashed, anyway. I guess I'll try some of the other "fixes."