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I was playing through this game and several times it just crashed after video sequences. I discovered that only longer sequences cause crashes and that it doesn't matter if the game plays them for you, or you click them in the menu. I tried a lot of fixes, that were suggested on various forums, but nothing worked:

-disabling power management/enabling high performance
-checking/unchecking HQvideos in the game menu
-disabling accelerations and setting options to lowest in the launcher
-compatibility options in the launcher
-setting affinities in the task manager
-windows compatibility options

I even tried to replace binkw32.dll which was the obvious cause for the crashes, but the game didn't start at all after that.

However, I discovered that the game won't crash if the CPU usage is at least 5 % during video playback. I loaded a 10 hour Youtube video, muted it and started the game. The game FMV I tested was (warning:possible spoiler) Roper's Demise and Liftoff. Amazingly, the video plays and ends just fine if the CPU usage is over 5 %. If I exit Firefox, it crashes. Also it crashes if it's under 5 %: I tested VLC mp3 playback with 3 % CPU usage and it crashed as usual.

I hope this helps someone. I discovered this trick too late and the crashing really ruined the game for me :(.
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I tried just bumping the CPU usage to 14-20%, but it crashed, anyway. I guess I'll try some of the other "fixes."
Thank you!

This helped me immensely.

I wanted to replay The Longest Journey without compromise, I'm playing it on an old Windows XP PC I keep around for old games, and was frustrated when I ran into the crashes. I tried multiple suggestions....did a driver downgrade to what the store page suggests (didn't work), set the processor affinity to one CPU (would sometimes work), tried setting sound acceleration to basic (didn't work), etc.

TLJ would always crash after playing one of the three Prologue FMVs, without fail.

If I managed to get past the FMV of April shifting and turning around, it would crash and the next FMV where the tree was restored, if through some rare instance I made it through that, it would crash when that dark cloud thing zaps April and she falls. I went through this sequence so many times, I lost count.

...and so far, your solution seems to have worked the best so far, it worked flawlessly for me when coupled with driver 275.33 and setting the affinity to the game to one CPU, which I did when the settings screen comes up when you click the game exe file.

I knew the problem was a binkw32.dll issue and after numerous searches through the forum, I tried your suggestion...figuring I used every other suggestion, so what could it hurt, and it worked.

I loaded up two 10-hr youtube videos in the background and muted them, so the CPU usage was consistently above 5%.

Started the game and went through the sequence with full settings, and none of the scenes crashed. I ran through the prologue again, to make sure it wasn't a one off, and again, no through the Prologue flawlessly with all in game settings enabled.

So once again, thanks. I can say this solution worked for me on my old Win XP gaming system from 2005 and hope this solution works for other people having trouble with crashes after the FMVs.
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