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It´s more than 10 years when my personal "top five games" chart changed for the last time. Back in those old days I´ve never bought TLJ despite its great reviews because...I don´t know, probably I was just saturated with good games. And many years later, when offered this game in some weekend promo, I´ve bought it but I still didn´t install it....until Tuesday.

I´ve spent just a few hours in this game so it´s too early for some final verdict but I can say that I didn´t have this feeling with a game for years. The atmospere is wonderful, story is amazing, graphics is great even 13 years after it was introduced - this game is fantastic. I can´t wait to uncover more of its secrets.

I´ll have to wait until I´ll finish this gem but it seems that TLJ will bring a very fresh air into my personal gaming hall of fame which didn´t welcome any new member for more than a decade!
TLJ is a fantastic experience! I've enjoyed only very few games for the last several years and wholeheartedly agree with you it's a breeze of a fresh air. Enjoy!
Also, you might want to check out Dreamfall as well. It's a worthy sequel.
Great game indeed. Aside from some of the frustrating puzzles, it is one of the few games I've felt compelled to complete.