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When I start a new game and get a little into the prologue, the game crashes. It happens some seconds after the word "Tainted" appears, just before the talking starts (from what I've seen of the prologue on Youtube).

I get a message that the game has crashed and that I must send som files to Funcom. Anyway, only the .dmp files appear and not the .txt files.

I tried to skip the prologue just to see if there was a problem with it. I get to move Brian about, but as soon as I interact with an object (the bed or the book for example) the game crashes and I get the same message.

I tried to turn off crossfire to maybe see if that was the problem. I also tried to change from the internal soundcard on the motherboard to the X-Fi Platinum I got. No change.

I also tried to launch the game on my Vostro 3560 from Dell. There exactly the same problem happens. And it's the same there when I skip the prologue.

Any ideas on what could be causing this? I have attached an image of the error message I get.

The main computer is an Intel i7 with Windows 7 64-bit and two 5850 in crossfire. The laptop also uses an AMD graphics card - so that's a denominator. At the moment I use the 13.4 drivers on the main computer. On the laptop the latest Dell ones.
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Actually, now I have tried to re-install the game. And just as a test I did not install it on my USB 3 external harddrive where I have my other games.

I installed it on an internal harddirve. Whether it was the re-install or the change of harddrive which solved the problem, I cannot say. But I'm glad it's working now :)
Ecthelion_: Actually...
I'm glad to hear you managed to solve the issue :). Frankly, if you seek a help it's better to post in General forum because not many people visit these secluded parts.
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