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voodoo47: try using the GOG downloader.
Thanks, Problem solved - now i got a friday night date with Shodan :)
Thank you very much OP. I have never particularly cared about graphics, but after modding System Shock 2 by way of your post, it just looks brilliant. And to comment on the audio, SHMUP is fantastic! Now I am absolutely looking forward to my first full playthrough of this game.
Hey, any advice for mod priorities when using a mod manager? How does this look? Thanks!
mods.jpg (118 Kb)
gamesys mod should have the lowest priority. the rest does not matter much, as there are no conflicts as far as I can see.
updated vurt's flora. all major issues should be solved.
aaand we have a new version of NewDark. patch will be submitted for the GOG build of SS2 as soon as I stitch it up together and test it out.
Always good news!

Edit: Also, it's very nice that subtitles were added. It doesn't affect me personally, but I do remember quite a few questions on these forums asking about them, like the following:
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SHMUP has a very good alternative (some say it's better) and it's called SS2 Vintage Song Remake v1.0. It is included in SS2 Newbie Modding Guide on, while SHMUP is NOT.
Please update the first post to include this mod as well.
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Shock2 Community Patch beta1 has been released.
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Thanks for yours (and ZBs) hard work on this Voodoo! Great to see this out. Will definitely use on my next playthrough.
System Shock 2 is really nice, thanks to voodoo47 about the nice mod guide. This game reminds me of Deus Ex in a very nice way. I have a suggestion about one mod that could be included in the mod guide and please hardcore players don't jump at me for my suggestion. I am talking about the Zygoptera Ultimate Spawn Mod which controls enemy attack waves:
I know almost all veteran players hate this mod with a passion, but many novice people will probably give up on the game, when they face the constant respawn of enemies right next to them. I think the game sometimes bugs to the point when enemies reappear way too much, so the player gets smashed in the beginning, when all they have is a wrench. So with this mod you could get a chance to enjoy the game with no respawning or you can make it more tolerable. You could even increase the respawn of enemies if you think it's not enough of a challenge in the vanilla game. Many choices in one mod and the game will probably attract more players with the new situation which is more similar to other games. No other gameplay changes appear, the only change is that enemies do not swarm you to death if you explore an area for longer or they could be more or less in number, hunting you down all the time, it is up to you. I hope that someone will enjoy the mod as they see fit if it doesn't appear in the list.
It's better to start a new game if you are going to use it, bugs are reported if you don't do so, have fun!
Now everyone can try to play System Shock 2 the way they like the most. I'm not telling anyone here how to play the game and what to choose, this post is purely informational and nothing else.
P.S. In my opinion the respawning enemies with firearms are way too many in a game where ammo and health are both in constant shortage. Also hacking sometimes ends up with a smack to the head even in some far room, when you smacked/shot everyone in 2 miles range. Not a nice end to hacking, but overall the game is very good!
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the random respawning is very mild, intended to keep the players at their toes, and it's doing a very good job. this is an essential game mechanics, and the game will suffer should you attempt to remove it. a mod that does that might be great for certain players, but definitely is not something you would place on the recommended list.

people who complain about respawning are usually those who are trying to fight off attackers spawned by triggered security alarms - if you can't figure out that's the one thing you are NOT supposed to do, then you are probably not playing the right game (I did see one LP where the player took 4 decks to figure the alarms out, it was indeed painful to watch).

in SS2, the rule of thumb is - if you are dying a lot, you're doing it wrong.