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voodoo47: try using the GOG downloader.
Thanks, Problem solved - now i got a friday night date with Shodan :)
Thank you very much OP. I have never particularly cared about graphics, but after modding System Shock 2 by way of your post, it just looks brilliant. And to comment on the audio, SHMUP is fantastic! Now I am absolutely looking forward to my first full playthrough of this game.
Hey, any advice for mod priorities when using a mod manager? How does this look? Thanks!
mods.jpg (118 Kb)
gamesys mod should have the lowest priority. the rest does not matter much, as there are no conflicts as far as I can see.
updated vurt's flora. all major issues should be solved.
aaand we have a new version of NewDark. patch will be submitted for the GOG build of SS2 as soon as I stitch it up together and test it out.
Always good news!

Edit: Also, it's very nice that subtitles were added. It doesn't affect me personally, but I do remember quite a few questions on these forums asking about them, like the following:
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SHMUP has a very good alternative (some say it's better) and it's called SS2 Vintage Song Remake v1.0. It is included in SS2 Newbie Modding Guide on, while SHMUP is NOT.
Please update the first post to include this mod as well.
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Shock2 Community Patch beta1 has been released.
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Thanks for yours (and ZBs) hard work on this Voodoo! Great to see this out. Will definitely use on my next playthrough.