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Is there a No Weapons Degradation mod that works with the GOG version?
no mod is required, as this is original game functionality - edit user cfg, and set it up yourself:
Gun degradation
The config variable:
gun_degrade_rate <n>
is a multiplier for the rate at which your weapons degrade. For example, to completely eliminate weapon degradation & breakage, set the value to 0. To tone it down, set it somewhere between 1 and 0.
As a noob it was kinda painful figuring out how to do that. Turns out it was easy, lol. Thanks.
Why does this game need to be patched? Shouldn't GOG have already applied the patch?

Or does the ss2tool apply a third-party patch?
ss2tool makes the game mod ready, and updates the executable to version 2.42 (GOG currently uses 2.4). this fixes some crashes and adds proper multimonitor support, for example. plus the tool lets you configure some options, and apply some fixes and tweaks (safemode, transparent explosion, german patch etc).

both the GOG 2.40 exe and the ss2tool 2.42 exe have the same origin - the mystery Raven from France.
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Voodoo, you should add this:;topic=4139.0;attach=5954
to the mods list.

It adds a better looking blood splatter when hitting or shooting someone.
Just a thought
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I will recommend this mod for fellow arachnophobiacs. The spiders in this game are particularly nasty.

It works and entirely removes all varieties of spiders from the game. Except from one spider perma-carcass on the Recreation Deck.
How would I make a suggestion to the people working on the new ADAOB?

The thread at seems to have been inactive for some years now.
27. April 2013 is too old for you? anyway, feel free to post your suggestions here.
I must have been looking at it wrong, then, or the wrong thread, or my brain just farted.

And a thousand thank-yous for doing this amazing project!

Laser Pistol:

I don't feel rechargeable ammo is enough to justify the Laser Pistol being outclassed (even against bots) by the Pistol, for which all ammo types are plentiful. Proficiency (Standard 1) is also an excellent investment for all builds; Energy no so much.

I wouldn't want it to lose its annelid weakness, as crippling as that is in the mid-to-late game, when hybrids and monkeys become rare to extinct and the EMP Rifle replaces it against bots.

Do you have the ability to add a little EMP damage to it without reducing its other damage? That way it could at least hold its own in Energy's niche in the early-to-mid game.

Maybe increase its rate of fire so we can increase its DPS without increasing how much damage it can deal on a charge?

Or, and I really like this idea, make it fully automatic so that it appears to be a beam weapon?


I guess this isn't really a suggestion so much as wanting to discuss it a bit, because it's entirely possible you've already done the best possible thing from a limited set of options.

From changes.txt, it looks like you saw two problems: Grenades deal too little damage at the start of the game, and they get more damage than they should from Modify and Sharpshooter later on.

First, how certain are we that that is a bug? Second, what are your options for dealing with this?

I think you would agree that what is currently in the mod is not an ideal solution. It seems to me that putting all of the grenade launcher's damage in the grenades rather than skill level and other factors really overpowers Heavy Weapons 1 and devalues things like Modify, Research and Sharpshooter in a way that was not intended.

If it's a choice between the two, I would prefer going back to the old system and perhaps boosting the viability of the grenade launcher in the early game by adding higher-tier ammo and more of it in the early stages. You seem to have some ability to manipulate the items that are found in the levels.
grenades: they have been tweaked, and currently are pretty balanced. don't fix something that isn't broken (anymore).

laspistol: no, that would unbalance it completely. SCP is a very strict mod - fix bugs, enable broken functionality, correct objects, textures, visual effects and similar. nothing that would enhance or change the vanilla gameplay. to put it simply, a gameplay patch rather than mod - something that can be recommended to a first-time player with a straight face. think "gameplay aspects that LGS themselves would (probably) fix, had they had enough time, money and manpower".

in time, SCP should become a gameplay equivalent of NewDark - just as there is no sane reason why one wouldn't want to fix the engine problems with NewDark, there shouldn't be a sane reason to not use SCP to fix gameplay issues.
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OK, I can understand that, thanks.

What's the difference between the upcoming Shock Community Patch and ADAOB?
SCP is a continuation of ADaoB (or, if you want, SCP obsoletes ADaoB) - it adds a couple of hundreds more fixes, and removes some ADaoB enhancements that were straying a bit too far away from the original gameplay (the ADaoB laser pistol, for example). the hires textures (SHEMP) which should have been part of SHTUP from the beginning (but couldn't, because of the oldDark limitations) were also removed from the SCP package, and are now included in (a not yet released version of) SHTUP. that means you will be able to have just the gameplay fixes, or only hires textures, should you desire such a combination for some reason (heatstroke, for example). do note that SCP and SHTUP are currently developed to complete each other (SCP fixes and improves gameplay, SHTUP improves and fixes textures), and using them both at the same time will be STRONGLY recommended - only when their powers are combined, they will become captain Planet uhh I mean fix all the anomalies, discrepancies, and outright bugs.
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I love how you describe things, Voodoo
voodoo47: SCP ... removes some ADaoB enhancements that were straying a bit too far away from the original gameplay (the ADaoB laser pistol, for example).
But you don't think the grenade launcher changes stray too far? It was tweaked a lot more than the laser pistol.
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