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Well I finally was able to make the mods work ... FYI im not smart when it comes to PC games and mods so I would sugest a more "hand holding instructions" ..... you know for people like me who are new to all this modding thing and this game
there is a full description and pictures. what more would you want?
Could do something like your TFix.exe, but maybe that gets complicated with ss2tool. Not that I'm having any problems installing mods, just commenting on how easy that installer was.
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it's much more complicated with SS2 - mainly because the key mods are work in progress. maybe when they are fully converted to NewDark, but don't quote me on this.
voodoo47: it's much more complicated with SS2 - mainly because the key mods are work in progress. definitely when they are fully converted to NewDark
yeah, right -_-

a properly working mod manager would probably be a better solution - ideally, coupled with a control panel that would allow easy tweaking of all cam_ext.cfg variables. unfortunately, the position of the modmanager dev is currently vacant.

in case someone would want to take a shot at this, the topic is here.
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do I also need to install the TFIX for SS2 Shock if I already have the SS2Tool installed?
I also want to scale the HUD. How can this be done? Do I need the TFIX for that?
Because when clicking on the FAQ Scale HUD it sends me to the TFIX post in the Thief community...

Another question: Can I update the ss2tool if I have already installed it? Because now I have seen that there is a newer version. Can I just download the latest version and install it or do I have to reinstall everything?

no, TFix is only for Thief1/G, but the hud scaling feature works the same way - just enable the variable as described in that topic.

yes, you can patch you game with the latest ss2tool, in fact, this is recommended.
I had a lot of trouble when using the SS2 mod manager. Not entirely sure what I did wrong, but I encountered no issues when just dumping everything, manually, into the DataPermMods folder. It looked like it was modifying the base SS2 folder, so I think it might not have been intended for the newer version.

I just want to chime in that I'm incredibly happy with ADaoB. Nothing drastic, but it does bring some things into balance.
I am still waiting for the beta of the new version which was supposed to be released this week :)
there are some critical fixes still pending. plus, I did not say when it's going to be released.
four hundred mod has been updated, see the first post (link and a google doc mirror).
voodoo47: four hundred mod has been updated, see the first post (link and a google doc mirror).
My understanding is that any mod updates to that list would be a simple copy over without having to start a new save file EXCEPT ADaoB. Is that correct?
yes, unless stated otherwise.
How can I clear the text history on the UI? There is a screen full of "Hacking successful...Med hypo picked up... game saved" etc that isnt going away

Tried a save/load to no effect

e: The fix was to restart SS2 completely
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