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The intro videos run smoothly, but the game has a very low fps rate, basically making the game unplayable, and I can't find a solution in this forum.
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Hi, I have just the same problem :(
but i can#t set framerate under 60
also the game seems too pixeled. I've played it some years ago and graphics where much better.
What should I do? It is unplayable :'(
same problem here. excited to have septerra back in my pc (windows 8, 64 bit), but sadly the fps problem renders it rather unplayable.

the mouse cursor moves non-continuously, while in the game the characters walk extremely slowly, and i believe that's fps issues?

and, the intro movies run smoothly, but the cutscene seems not working either. i'd look into it after the fps problem is solved.
I installed patch 1.04 which sold the fps issue but fails to play any of the movies. I've messed around with it for hours but no matter which quicktime version I use, even in XP Compatibility mode I can't get the movies to play...unless I return to the unpatched version, but then of course the fps issues return.

Is it a case of one or the other!?
I am having the same problem. I have windows 8.1 32 bit, and am running the game in windows xp compatibility mode.