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So I have had this game for a long time bought the original on Cd and still have it. I was wondering if any one has any saved games? I never beat it the furthest I got was to the blonde girl who was a pilot then I think she wrecked I also remember the one female general lady joining you and a lot of them where locked in some cage. If anyone has any saved games so I do not have to start from the beginning that would be great I really want to finish this game. I think its around shell 4 or 5?
I too was playing this game some years ago but did not finish it. I stopped at the point where you get the airship and completed all the many possible side quests, just before I was supposed to continue the story on shell one. I've since lost all my saved games, as my old hard drive no longer works. Could someone please make available a saved game at this point? I don't feel like starting the game over again from the beginning, but would give this game another shot if I was able to continue from this point...

Here is a save just before getting the ship. Poke me here or on BakaBT if the link expires.
Thanks a lot! I have downloaded the file and will check it out when I have time to play this game again.