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Had gotten this for Steam recently (bundle somewhere for 90 cents (Euro)) and was disappointed to see it running at only 10 FPS, this wonderful fix brings it up to a whopping 21 FPS :) which at least makes it playable for me.

Thank you.
Seems like it if you enable "Windows 98/ME" compatibility mode for game.exe, the fps is limited.
Best option is to disable compatibility mode on Win7/Win8.

Also if you lower the ingame resolution, performance is better (would make sense, but these days 1024x768 is not that high demanding for new videocards).

Up until now, the best working Robin Hood version (without any lag) i've played with so far is the Linux port that can be found on Desura.
Is there any fix for Windows 8? Game is pretty much unplayable for me.
MhidDa: You all rule. I thought I was out of luck with this purchase from steam, they just wrote it off as video card incompatibility and pretty much sent out a big FU to those of us who it didn't run for. It runs great now thanks to you. You just got yourself a convert...
Yeah. Same here. Only game I asked for a refund on steam for, and that was my only chance according to them. Stupid policy when the game doesnt friggin work. Oh well, guess I used up my only chance of a refund for a 10 dollar game :)

Thanks GoG guys for figuring out and fixing this problem. Will buy soon.
So... The fix works only for windows 7 or work for windows 8.1 too? I finished commandos 1 and his expansion and commandos 2 so many times and only a few days ago i found this game... OH GOD, I NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME!!
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Hello this fix is not working for me i have win 7 help!