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Post edited April 24, 2011 by DocRemo
Same problem here, but i have an intel 3100 integrated graphics card. First time, the game has starting (with 1 FPS), but the Win7 update find a new driver, i installing it, and i see only blackscreen after the videos. Any idea for this?
Funny thing, I had the same problem--just dark after the logos--but only in Windows 7. Since my computer is dual-boot, I installed in Fedora 15 with Wine and have no problems so far. Same computer, same hardware, but much better results through Wine.

Obviously, not a solution for everyone, but it is a solution.
Recently, I have returned to Neverwinter and I had the same problem. After some time spend for searching for a solution, I stumbled across "community patch project". I don't know if it will help others, but for me it works fine.