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Whenever I try to enter Escaton's Palace I am kick out of the game with memory issues. Does anyone have any suggestions or have you experienced the same problem?
I updated my Web page to point to GrayFace's site instead of uploading the newest patches(due to concerns about previously reported corrupted files).

From my search on this forum, the GrayFace patch should solve any problems at Escaton's place.
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Cox Communications has decided to discontinue providing Personal WebSpace for its customers effective December 6, 2011. Fortunately, I still have a copy of my site but I was wondering if I should bother to rebuild it.
So I installed the M&M 8 v 1.5 patch, and now I don't hear any music playing. I don't see any config/exe files, anyone have any ideas as to how to fix the issue? I'm running Vista 64x
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Overall I'm impressed with the patch changes, but unfortunately I still don't get any music.
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New GreyFace patches for MM6-MM8 have been released. is the location of the new patches.
Pretty damn funny.

I get the patches JUST BEFORE he made a new one.

Pathetic on my part.
What does these change?
Can they be applied to allready saved games?
tsgnurk: What does these change?
At a guess, probably the things listed when you click on the link that says "Full list of changes" on the page the above link takes you to.
Can they be applied to allready saved games?
Much better question. They should generally work on saved games, in fact I first heard about them when they were suggested to me as a fix for something that wasn't working right in an MM6 game in progress; I installed them and it worked fine, no issues with the saved game. I can't promise this will be the case for any given other user, but I know of no reason why it wouldn't be.
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Are there any problems with Windows 7? (And if there are any, how are they to be fixed?)
Ravenne: Are there any problems with Windows 7? (And if there are any, how are they to be fixed?)
I don't recall any--and I'm now running the game with 8.1x64 with no problems. You're perfectly safe...;)

Edit: Thought I'd add this little tidbit here as my post about it is dropping down the page very fast...;)

FSAA in M&M9 is easily obtainable. Just disable "optimized surfaces" in the in-game graphics option menu, and force FSAA from your driver control panel. Gawd, what a massive improvement in the game graphics! It's such an improvement it really isn't an option, imo--it's mandated if you want to enjoy the game graphics at all.

"Optimize surfaces" isn't needed these days at all, and turning it ON means you lose the ability to FSAA the game by forcing it from your driver control panel. You can still force it with the option on, sort of, but you'll get a horrible-looking checkerboard pattern that overlays every 2d screen element. Just turn it off and turn your FSAA on. The game looks great @8x FSAA EQ.
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Do you think the GrayFace patch for MM7 is really useful? And it works on Windows 8? In the official website they speak only about WinXP and Vista.

Is there a way to test it and, if I don't like it, remove it without have a compromised game? Even after I saved the game?

Thank you in advance :)