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I'm in for Sorapak, please :D

If it ever came down to combat, I'd be a zombie snack for sure, so no weapon for me. Instead I'd choose some kind of hard-to-penetrate-but-easy-to-move-in body suit, so that if they bit me, their teeth/saliva would not penetrate.

Favorite zombie movie? I really do enjoy Zombieland, but my favorite is, strangely, the 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead. Now I don't think that re-animated corpses would have the coordination to run, jump, climb, etc, but I just love this movie; I watch it every time it comes on TV. lol~

*so looking forward to playing Season 2 of The Walking Dead!*
I am in :)
I would choose axe as it is multipurpose can be used to help with building barricades and ofc cutting .
In For Huff.

I'd get an undead cow, because it comes with a shovel.
Thank you to all participants.

As for movie recommendations, Wild Zero is an amusing movie most people have never heard of.
Lemon_Curry: ...Purell. It also makes for a great Molotov cocktail...
Very clever, you win. Zafehouse Diaries GOG code will be in your PM.
undeadcow: Very clever, you win. Zafehouse Diaries GOG code will be in your PM.
Sweet brains! Holy (undead)cow! Thank you so much for this nerve-racking gift! :)