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It looks like they went all out. I'm expecting another possible Red Dead Redemption.
jamyskis: Very curious about how they're going to do this on the 360.
The 360 won't have nearly as many textures I guess, which isn't too surprising, since it's likely going to be 720p upscaled to 1080p like everything else. My hope is that they'll let us install any extra discs and just keep a "Play" disc in the drive. I detest disk swapping and when you have to do it for console it blows.
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Only just realised it will be 35GB. WTF. Is this a record or something for installed PC game sizes?
If the 35GB's is correct, then it'll be something like 15 GB installer package from download services and 20 GB installed space. If it's 35GB installed, then the actual HD requirement will be 60-70GB.

And oh yeah, the requirement is for DVD release. Will be higher for downloaders.
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