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Not only my first gaming memory, but my first memory of anything...
My Dad bringing home a Super Nintendo and F-zero. We all took turns playing it, being amazed at the graphics, having a great time... 22 years later and it is still one of my favorite games.
The very earliest memory? It's very faint. My brother had an Atari 8-bit, can't remember exactly which one, maybe because I was younger than five years old. And the only one game I can really remember there was a snake-like game, I think it was either Super Snake, Snake Attack or Snake Byte. That is my earliest gaming experience. :)

Edit: I have much better memory of the C64 games: Last Ninja, Hawk Eye etc. :D
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I have to say I have a few good gaming memories, a couple of which stand out, one of which was when my dad was teaching me how to code (I was around 3 years old at the time) in TI-BASIC, and we ended up coding a Space Invaders clone and playing it for hours and hours trying to beat each others high score. I still have everything for my TI-99a and 1200 Baud Modem.

Subsequently, another great memory was years later my dad buying two games, one being MYST and the other being Radio Active. Among many other QT based games those were two of my favourites. We played both games for hours and hours, and I remember just walking around MYST Island and being enthralled by the sheer beautify of the island, then there were all the beautiful ages and the music, oh the music. Radio Active was this music trivia game show, and I remember both of us playing the game and seeing all these clips and music videos and just being in awe of how wonderful and fun the game was. I think about it now, and my father was probably one of the major reasons I developed such a love of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, comics, gaming, animation and other such things :). I will be eternally grateful for being encouraged to develop a passion for those things.
My earliest gaming experiences were Myst and The Oregon Trail. I played those back when I was 4 1/2 - 5 years old. I eventually gave up on Myst because it was too hard, but I loved The Oregon Trail. Still have the discs, too.
reaver894: One of my favorite moments, leaving Midgard in FFVII for the first time the day after it was released in the UK.
That was an interesting moment for me as well, especially as prior to that, I didn't have much patience for games that weren't linear. FF7 was the game that taught me that an open-world experience can be fun.
Mine had to be the old arcade machines, Pong on my Atari, and my C64 with Zork and some games I programmed myself from the code I gathered from a magazine.