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Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within. There is a special place in my heart for this game. The story is amazing and I love the atmosphere and occasionally cheesy acting. I somehow missed this one when I was younger. But, what a superb game! I'm so glad I got to finally play it. I suspect I'll be playing it again sometime soon. Which is not something I can say about very many linear games.

Though I've never beaten Planescape: Torment. Once I acquire a GOG version, I intend on playing it all the way through. I suspect it's a good contender for my all-time favorite GOG. Morte has a way with words. THE most huggable skull I've ever encountered.

PS Oh yeah, and the Fallouts don't count for me. I still have my hard copies. Otherwise 1 and 2 would be my favorites, I'm sure.
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My favorite GOG is either the Baldur's Gate games or the King's Quest saga. Baldur's gate because of the quality of gameplay, and King's Quest because of the nostalgia factor of playing old adventure games with my dad back in the day.
My favourite GoG right now would definitely be Heroes of Might and magic 3

Simply because it's a brilliant game, aged very very well and I played it endlessly when I was younger

The runner up is Blood - I discovered this game for myself when Atari had a Sale and now it's my favourite FPS ever, seriously - this game is just an excellent FPS, through and through
Blood. It's definitely in the running for favorite game ever.
Well, my favorite game on GOG that I haven't actually bought on GOG would definitely be Fallout 2.

My favorite -bought- game, however,not that I've gotten around to buying that many (yet!) I think will have to be Die by the Sword, arena and multiplayer is just -too- hilarious, like, cramp-inducingly funny!