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IdeaLCenter: We will stick to classic engine model. But the difference between races will be very visible in gameplay. For example in technology tree, in space battles tactics, etc..
Will we still be able to pick a Custom race?
Yes. There will be 20 predefined alien races, but you will be able to change it and create your own.
Very nice. One more question: regarding the box, what will it look like? How is the box going to accommodate the 16"x23" poster? That must be a pretty huge box! :P
We don't choose box dimensions or pictures on it yet. I think it'll be standard game box something like 12" x 8"... It's possible that poster will go in a tube outside the box. (We very don't want to fold the poster into the box. )
Well they made their goal. Congrats!

You can check our newest video. It's game footage from our battle space module.

and support us here:

@lowyhong - Thank You :)
GOGging it?
ShadowWulfe: GOGging it?
It's possible.
18 hours to go. Also, the M.O.R.E. team plans to put up an Indiegogo campaign too, so you can always pledge more later if you can't afford it now.

It's our final hour on kickstarter... and last chance to join us and get this game with special kickstarter spaceship elements. At now we have over 3100 backers with almost $82.000 already pledged!

You can see our newest update here:

You can support us and find more info here:

Best Regards,
Finished with $90k, and that's not counting the fact that they'll get more in their Indiegogo campaign.

Congrats guys!

We want to say: "Thank You".
Our 3270 KickStarter supporters pledged $90.925 so it's 181% of our initial goal! Right now thanks to your help we are creating M.O.R.E. !

Also, right now we are doing IndieGoGo collection, where you can still support us, also with use of PayPal or Debit Card.
It's the last chance to get our gamekey as low as $10, or other rewards.
If you are interested in old school 4x space strategy based on MoO2, you can support us here:

Best Regards,
IdeaLcenter Team.
M.O.R.E. IndieGogo has 24 hours left.

They also have a small update:

With a new race:
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