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Yep, it happens every year – that day that either brings excitement and anticipation or trepidation and depression. I guess you can’t figure out which side I’m leaning towards this year, can you? ;-p But, it’s better than the alternative!

Pick ONE (and only one – hey, it’s my birthday so I’m not going to do a lot of spreadsheet machinations)

Closes: Sunday night (maybe Monday if a bunch of peeps comes for our GoT viewing and party) The oracle of randomness will select winners…

Requirements: None but extra entries will be awarded based on the year of your GOG sign-up date (2008 = 6, 2009=5, etc…). Hey, it’s a birthday giveaway so I gotta include something to do with dates!

Birthday gifts - sorry I could not gift everyone who attended my birthday party but thanks so much for attending!

Airship Dragoon Awolnation
Battlepaths Hardrada
Driftmoon Daynov
Driftmoon RevolutionSphere
Garshap: Temple of the Dragon Aveweto
Gunman Clive grunthos64
Gunman Clive Spartan717
Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising Aniki
Humanity Asset Shiuman
Kami aJillSandwich
Little Racers Street stg83
Little Racers Street JellyBeam
Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch LinustheBold
Millenium: A New Hope genkicolleen
Mosby's Confederacy adambiser
SoulCaster 1 & 2 MadalinStroe
Supreme Commander (plus Forged Alliance) sinugie
Supreme Commander (plus Forged Alliance) Melchizedek2405
Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge IronArcturus
Post edited April 07, 2014 by Momo1991
Happy Birthday Momo! (and congrats on your 4th shuriken :p)

Not in, but thanks.
Happy Birthday!

I'm in for Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge.
Not in, but happy birthday! And thanks for the giveaway :)
I wish you a really great Happy Birthday, Momo! :)

(and congrats on that shiny new shuriken you're going to receive in mere minutes) ;)

Please, count me in for SoulCaster 1 & 2 (ShinyLoot).
Many happy returns, I hope you have the great day you deserve.
Happy Birthday! I'm in for Gunman Clive and thanks for the giveaway!
Not in, just wanted to come by and wish you a very Happy Birthday Momo1991! Hope you'll have a great day :D

Also thank you for your continued generosity! +1
Post edited April 04, 2014 by K_1269
I'm in for that Millenium: A New Hope you've been trying to get rid of. *snicker*

Happy happy birthday to you~!
Not in but +1 and happy birthday ! BTW, how old are you ? I know it's not nice to ask a lady, but... I just wanna know :P
Happy birthday :)

I'm in for Garshap: Temple of the Dragon, thanks!
happy birthday momo

im in for Garshap: Temple of the Dragon
Happy birthday! not in but many thanks for ur generosity +1
happy birthday, im in for supreme commander
I am not in, but happy birthday! I hope there's some awesome birthday food in your future :D