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Thank you for the gift Momo1991!

Congratulations to the other winners, Awolnation, Hardrada, Daynov, RevolutionSphere, Aveweto, grunthos64, Spartan717, Aniki, Shiuman, aJillSandwich, stg83, JellyBeam, LinustheBold, genkicolleen, adambiser, sinugie, Melchizedek2405 and IronArcturus.

If I forgot anybody, please excuse me as it was entirely by mistake.
Momo1991: Thanks for attending my birthday party everyone and mostly, thanks for the b-day wishes - they definitely brightened my day!
Thanks again Momo for the great party it was really awesome of you to gift two copies of a game in most cases. The only thing missing from this party was a coupon for a piece of pecan pie. Also congrats to all the other winners as well. ;)
Thanks Momo! Will play Gunman Clive and always think of you and the giveaway, awesome game.
Thanks for airship dragoon! :D Hope you had a awesome birthday and congrats to all other winners!
Thank you, Momo! I hope you had a nice birthday! +1