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$12 is a whole lotta GOG!
I'm in and I'm also in for Nox.

Thank you xyem and AnonymousGiftBot! :)
In once again
I'm in for the usual and NOX, please. Thanks!
I'm in!

And I'm in for Nox too.
in for the weekly thanks Xyem +1
I'm in, and i would also be interested in ultima VII! Thanks for the chance as always
I'm in!
Thank you so much Xyem and Anon!
And OH GOODNESS PLEASE YES interested in NOX!!
In, before I forget! Agaaaain
I'm in for NOX. Ahh... Nox, you magnificent bastard!
Rolling the dice. Thanks.
In for the first person who posted.
I don't have Nox nor Ultima 7 and would love to own any of them.
This is a wonderful giveaway indeed!
Therefore, let here be..."I'm in".

Thanks Xyem and AnonymousGiftBot!
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