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What are the rules? Am I eligible? I understand If I'm not :\
In :)
Is this over yet? If not, I'm in!
51nikopol: Thanks xyem! Boston strong!
Congratulations, you win this weeks draw!
Congrats 51nikopol and thanks again xyem.
Seconded! Congratulations 51nikopol, and thanks Xyem :)
Good luck to everyone, by the way :)
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Congrats 51nikopol and thanks again xyem.

Nikopol was a good game.
Congrats to 51nikopol and thanks to xyem for the giveaway..
Congrats, 51nikopol, and thanks again, Xyem!
Thanks xyem for the generous prize and for being a part of the reason this forum is the best! I am looking forward to doing my first giveaway, to pay it forward, at the end of for it!
Congrats 51nikopol
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Congrats 51nikopol :)