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high rated
It says the 8th, but that's just so the script will pick this draw up properly. It'll actually run until the 15th when the next draw will end too.

Post here to be entered! Into not-quite-this-weeks draw!
Ooh, entering a week too late (says the 1st post...)
Linux support confirmed!!! :-)
I'm in to win I guess =)

Also: a monocle? I can't keep up with a constantly changing forum fashion.
Howdy. I'm here to play.
I'll try it out
Monacles are here to stay.
Awesome, Xyem the monocled maestro strikes again!!!
Oh yeah!
Thanks ! +1
Great Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone and the entire night shift of a smart phone sweatshop in Southeast Asia eating double cheeseburgers at a greasy spoon in Pittsburgh! It's a giveaway! And I'm in!