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Congrats TheSupremeForce and thanks again xyem.
Holy Happy Fish (Carp, perhaps?)! I won!
xyem: __END__

TheSupremeForce: In!

*Air guitar*
xyem: Excellent!

*air guitar*

You win this weeks draw. Hit me up with a PM to confirm you've seen this and ask me any questions you have!
SirEyeball: You are really a great person but I have to laugh at/with you you just cleared a lot of backlog on your giveaways and straight away have 2 new on the go (I know one was a carry on) and of course the drawing is already a day late you are a gem
xyem: As I've said (somewhere) before, it's just been one thing after another since the start of December last year. This weekend, my girlfriend comes down with the flu or something so I've been taking care of her and such.

And don't worry, it's definitely laughing with me. This is precisely why I like getting my computer to do all the work!
Great and congrats TheSupremeForce and Xyem it was not because I am impatient it is the fact that you take on so much that I find funny
Congrats, TheSupremeForce, and thanks again, Xyem!