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Well, all outstanding draws are drawn. Glad to hear you've sorted everything out. We're back to the (almost) regularly scheduled drawing.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled oatmeal eating.
Thanks. In.
I'll enter this week, too, since the chances of winning a second time are pretty slim.

Thanks again, xyem!
I'm in.
And so am I.
In. Thank you Xyem
Anubis meow
In. Thanks Xyem.
I'd like to enter please. Thanks Xyem.
Let the dice roll :D
I'm in again.
I'll have another shot
First entry this year. May it be a lucky one. :)
Please Put My Name In For The Draw! Thank You!
Post edited January 28, 2013 by ISHAOLM
How come they use dill to preserve all sorts of vegetables, but only cucumbers get the sugar treatment? Oh, 4/52. :)