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Now I'm in.
Sure, why not?
Welp, let's hop aboard.
im in
Count me in and thanks.
I'm in, thank you, Xyem.
count me in!

thanks for another weekly giveaway xyem!
Including this one, there are now 5 outstanding draws! I like them odds! Go me!
I shall enter again, after my long winter hiatus, thank you again, dear Xyem!
Count me in thanks! :)
For this most gracious giveaway of magnificent bounty, I reach forth mine own hand, hoping that fortune's countenance would smile upon me as I forthwith declare:

Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

I'm in. Thank you.
"Sanity is fine for walrus and bears, but us antelopes need to push beyond it if we ever want to rule the world." - Loony Ibix (Future Planetary Tyrant)