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Sorry for your loss.

Wherever Anubis may be , remember that it will always live on in your heart and in the hearts of those that knew Anubis.
So sorry for your loss, especially around the holidays. Hope everyone is enoying the holidays so far.
I'm so sorry for your cat Anubis, and at such young age... :(
My condolences. I hope you and your family are fine during this painful time.

I'm not in this time, but I want to thank you for still doing your generous giveaways.
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I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm in.

are you actually saying that the cat in your picture died? Noooooooooooooo

That sucks man, really sorry for your lost...a good cat is almost like a good person, I've been through the same thing...

Anyway, entering, wishing you the best
One of my mom's cat is also named Anubis... Sorry for your Anubis...
Wait, was Anubis cold or something?

<gets thrown out of the room>
I'm sorry for your loss, my 18 year-old cat, Pebbles, died just a couple weeks ago. We shall honor the fallen in all future giveaways! *warcry*
I'm in! Thanks!

Sorry to hear about Anubis!
So the superposition ended and the possibility of the dead cat became reality.

Thanks again for a giveaway.
RIP Anubis! :(
I'm truly sorry for your loss, Xyem (I love cats, mine is 9 years old)

Count me in, and thanks and +1 for your generosity, mate.
My condolences.