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All draws will now be held in memory of Anubis, our cat, who died this morning (2012-12-09) of antifreeze poisoning, aged 3 and half.
Oh! That's sad. :( Best wishes for you!

That's all I have to say.
All hail Anubis, a fine feline indeed.

Sorry to hear that :-(
I lost a cat some years ago to old age.

In by the way.
This is awful! It reminds me of my cousin's rabbit, who died while drowning in their pond some years ago. Not the same thing of course, but all very sad.

In for the draw.
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Sorry to hear about Anubis - please accept my best.
Sorry about your cat.

I'm in.
sorry about your cat

to Anubis!

count me in
thanks for hosting a giveaway!
So sorry about your loss. :(
Nice song to cheer you up. ;)
Sorry for your loss, pet's are a part of the family.

Also, I am in as well.
In =)

Sorry to hear about the cat, horrible way to die. :(
Sorry to hear about Anubis :(
I'm in!

I'm sorry to hear about your cat. ;,(

Is that Anubis on your avatar?