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high rated
EDIT:Giveaway now over

It's disappointing that another game will no longer be available here after Dec. 31st. So I decided to do my first giveaway just for this event. Just simply post in this thread once to enter.

I'll choose one winner sometime tomorrow for the first code and another winner New Year's Eve for the last one. Happy early New Year everyone.
Post edited December 31, 2012 by RayRay13000
its going? why?
pseudonarne: its going? why?
I would like to be the first in GOG history to win two copies of a game in the same giveaway.

Happy New Years!
I wish to try for the giveaway thank you very much,
but yes it really is sad to see that game go
I'm in.
Thanks a lot!
Not in (already own the game) but +1 for this.
I shall enter.
I'm in
I'll definitely give this one a go :) Cheers!
Edited: Not in now, thanks!
Post edited December 31, 2012 by PandaLiang
Happy New Year! (for day after tomorrow)

In please.
Count me in too. Thank you.
I'm in. Thanks.
Not entering, but +1 and good luck to everyone. :)
Post edited December 30, 2012 by mondo84