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I'm in thank you :)
In again thanks.
In. Thanks!
I'm in.
Posting... And thanks again for doing this.
I'm in!!! Thanks for making GOG special!
I'm in.

Thank you for your giveaways :-)
I just finished my Christmas shopping, and I'm broke... so count me in! :D
Thank you for the gazillionth (?) time Ian and Kristy!
Please count me in thanks :)
saramakos: Please count me in thanks :)
thanks for your generosity....
please add me to the list,,

edit: sorry, saramakos....i just woke up...i have no clue why i commented on your comment & did not make a new post, brain is running on slow, today
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candy bars!
Pick me, I'm sexy.
I'm in!

Good luck to everybody who's entering - just not as good as my luck!

After all, I'm in too!